GRAND CENTRAL BARTER made its GRAND entrance onto the business-to-business trading scene in 2014.


Based in Nashville, TN, (also known as Music City USA), the GCB offices are located just a few miles from the world famous GRAND Ole Opry.  Visitors are always welcome to stop by for a handshake, a hug or the Grand tour.

Founded by three guys with an entrepreneurial spirit and excited about their GRAND adventure, the company is a guaranteed GRAND slam. David Hayden with his IRS background and CPA credentials is the steady hand of the operation and as reliable as a GRANDfather clock. Adam Bowie, owner of a daily deal site as well as digital marketing firm Rush Hour Local, has plans for expanding GCB faster than the Grand Prix. Dave Jones, a singer-songwriter and local business owner, is the creative force and the GRAND marshal of this unstoppable parade.

Just months after launching with a GRAND total nearing 200 members trading is flowing as fast and as freely as the Rio GRANDe.

GCB is a proud member of both NATE (National Association of Trade Exchanges) and IRTA (International Reciprocal Trade Association) enhancing local trading with global trade opportunities from the GRAND Canyon to Grand Cayman.  Each member works in harmony with a personal trader acting as their trading concierge to ensure that all transactions are executed as flawlessly as the melodic notes from a babyGRAND. In the GRAND scheme of things GCB is building a powerful network of trading partners focused on conserving cash and promoting each others brands. As unanimous as a Grand juror verdict, business owners are “all aboard” the fast moving train that is GRAND CENTRAL BARTER.

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